Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last year IKA BUTONI sponsored the HKIS Annual Charity Fashion Show which will be repeated the first week of April 2014. We are happy to accept the invitation to sponsor the fashion show again.

The proceeds for the HKIS Annual Charity Fashion Show this year will be donated to the Children’s Medical Foundation and to improve the medical care for infants with serious health problems in China, as well as works to educate doctors in China. It will help improve the medical care.

Prior to the show twelve models arrived last Saturday 22 March 2014 for models fitting.

These 12 beautiful to be models came from the HKIS for the show to support the Charity. 

Definitely our shop keepers have a refreshing visit from these lovely young ladies to IKA BUTONI boutiques.

We all have great time

More information please visit: www.ikabutoni.com and http://www.hkis.edu.hk


IKA’s concern spans through our environment. She believes the quality of the sea and ocean is a barometer to measure the health condition the whole planet earth. Human activities time and again threatened its living creatures, as with the recent oil spill off the Louisiana coast. Fish, mammals, birds of the sea are under stress by the callous actions of mankind.

With the Time of the Tides she wants to bring our awareness to our ocean. She believes we must save the ocean from mankind overzealous activities.

In order to get the best result of this collection’s photo shooting. Ika was serious to bring the collection under water. She spent the entire day to ensure the best shots. The 3 champion swimmer models, the photographer and his 3 team members, make-up artist and the stylist were absorbed in making the theme come true. They did not realize they spent the whole day under water. At the end of the evening the models eyes were red. It was past midnight when they finished! Ika and her team were all down with flu for over a week. Yet all they could talk about was how much they enjoyed their work!

Ika drew inspiration from the rich and diverse world of water while not forgetting that overzealous activities of mankind have imposed much stress on fragile earth.

Part of the “Time of the tides" Collection on runway

Special accessories worn by the models on the runway are of unique pieces, handcrafted in Bali by using palm leaves to construct the shape of the sea creatures, only to enhance and to complete the outfits. The accessories were hand painted by the young member of Ika Butoni, while the original sketches of the Tides were done by the designer herself. It shows that the passion for art and handicrafts run in Ika Butoni. These works can be appreciated through the following.

“Hippo campus and octopus “
“Shell and starfish”

“The living beings” of the mother ocean 

The original sketches of the Time of the Tides were done by the designer herself, which later on embroidered on the garments. Done by three manufacturers, empowering 500 people.

The Time of Tides collection from Ika Butoni reveals the work of art. It also shows the designer's passion and concern for the ocean and mother earth.

More about this collection please visit: http://www.ikabutoni.com/collections/time-of-the-tides.htm

Friday, March 21, 2014


IKA BUTONI since 1983

Butoni Limited was established in 1983 by designer Ika. Being a manufacturer as well as a fashion house, the Company has built a steady and well-founded name in the apparel industry.

In the past 30 years, with Ika's visionary lead, the company delivers their product globally. The Company has been manufacturing and exporting to over 50 buyers in Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South America and the United States.

Some of the collections in the past 30 years

welcome to Shop in IKA BUTONI

More please visit: www.ikabutoni.com

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Role Model Interview - Natalie

 What’s your name?

 Where do you come from?

I am from Poland

Do you like your hair style today? 
Yes I like it so much its very fun and unique but very heavy.

How long have you been here?
I am living here for 2 years.

Do you love Hong Kong?
Yeah! I love Hong Kong! I plan to stay here for 5 years! It’s very international and high level. 

Do you love traveling? Any other cities in China you visited before?
Yes I love traveling. I had been to Beijing before. I love the culture of that city.

What’s your favorite food?
I love spicy food. Actually, I get used to it in London. Because I love Indian Food which is really spicy so I get used to it and finally fall in love with it! 

What’s your favorite food in Hong Kong? 
I love hotpot with peanut sauce! It’s amazing. I love all kinds of sauce. 

Are you a full-time model?
No I am a part-time model. I am also a graphic designer. Now I work in a management company in fashion industry. I help them to manage the shop. The shop name is “Harve Nicolson”. And then I do part-time modeling because I also like modeling it’s very interesting! 

What’s your favorite brand?
I like DKNY and Donna.Karan. I also love many different brands. 

What makes you happy? 
I love read book, socialize with friends and I also like to work. 

What’s your keep beauty secret?
I don’t like makeup! I like to take care of my skin. Every night before I go to sleep, I remove the makeup, do some massage. And drink a glass of water. You know what? It’s really good for your skin and heath to drink a glass of water before you sleep. I highly recommend that. This is my beauty secret. 

Do you like to do the nail? Which you prefer color or pattern? 
Yes I love it very much! I prefer just color.

So what your favorite color on nail?
I don’t have a favorite one. Every season I change the color. But usually I put on dark blue.

What’s your favorite place in Hong Kong?
I like the The Peak both day and night. It’s very nice you can see all the Hong Kong.

Your favorite hangout?
I love Central! There is a restaurant I like to recommend: Meat&Fish. Good food, good drink, very nice waitress. I like to stay there to eat and socialize with my friends. 

You prefer be model for clothes or hairstyle?
I prefer be model for clothes. Because hairstyle modeling sometimes is very painful. 

Do you love your outfit for today’s show?
Yeah! Actually, I know ”Ika butoni”. I really love the design. It’s very unique and well designed. I love that.

Natalie wore Ika Butoni's dress on Toni&Guy 5th anniversary 


On March 18, IKA BUTONI sponsored the collection on the Toni&Guy 5th Anniversary. Toni&Guy, the world-famous hair salon, is having a special show to celebrate 5th year in Hong Kong on this Tuesday night. Everyone enjoyed the experience when chic hairstyling meets the fancy wardrobe of IKABUTONI.

Before the show in Toni&Guy studio, everyone is busy with the hairstyle, makeup and fitting.
Today’s outfits for toni&guy 5th anniversary show from Ika Buoni

 Chic and Cool hairstyle is everywhere! We are totally being attracted with these  unique hairstyles!

It’s very interesting when the models move from the Toni&Guy studio to the Armani Aqua, everybody on street is looking at our model. So we snapped a photo of this happy moment.


  it’s a very nice show place and the atmosphere is very good.

When the models wear Ika Boni’s outfits with chic hairstyle showed on the stage, everyone just can’t stop taking out their cameras to take pictures.

This collaboration with Toni&Guy top hair salon also presented young, cool and edgy of Ika Butoni's outfit.

Ms Ika With our models afer the show

Back stage we had so much fun

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last week when the temperature near midnight plunged to 12C we had so much fun venturing out to the Temple Street to take pictures for FauveFashion.com!

The team of stylist Jul Henry and Make-up artist Yeanne, Of course the maestro team photographer Dewandra+Metta arrived in style on board of the Emirates Airlines First Class, taking shower at the height 40.000 feet, to land absolutely fresh and high spirited in Hong Kong, ready to take these memorable pictures!

For this photo shooting, Lea was freed of high heels, Fauve Fashion opted sneakers as the footwear paired with a tiny jacket and flared mini skirt over skinny pants.

The collaboration with FauveFashion.com presented Young and Edgy ladies, only to show Ika Butonis outfits could be a Dress-up and Dress-down.

Fun picture as the passer-by dropped his jaws watching our beautiful model posing to the camera. Dewandra and team were quick to snap the memorable pictures. 

Although it was a cold midnight session, the crowd was more than pleased to take part of shooting.

model Lea for this street photo shooting

For more report, please visit Fauve Fashion.com coming up soon. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Toni&Guy one of the top hair salon will launch the newest 2014 collection on their 50th anniversary. IKA BUTONI will participate as wardrobe sponsor on that event. We are cordially inviting you to this show to enjoy the experience where chic hairstyling meets the fancy wardrobe of IKABUTONI.

Armani Aqua. Charter House, Central, Hong Kong
March 18, 2014

more information please visit: www.ikabutoni.com and www.toniandguy.com.hk