Tuesday, March 25, 2014


IKA’s concern spans through our environment. She believes the quality of the sea and ocean is a barometer to measure the health condition the whole planet earth. Human activities time and again threatened its living creatures, as with the recent oil spill off the Louisiana coast. Fish, mammals, birds of the sea are under stress by the callous actions of mankind.

With the Time of the Tides she wants to bring our awareness to our ocean. She believes we must save the ocean from mankind overzealous activities.

In order to get the best result of this collection’s photo shooting. Ika was serious to bring the collection under water. She spent the entire day to ensure the best shots. The 3 champion swimmer models, the photographer and his 3 team members, make-up artist and the stylist were absorbed in making the theme come true. They did not realize they spent the whole day under water. At the end of the evening the models eyes were red. It was past midnight when they finished! Ika and her team were all down with flu for over a week. Yet all they could talk about was how much they enjoyed their work!

Ika drew inspiration from the rich and diverse world of water while not forgetting that overzealous activities of mankind have imposed much stress on fragile earth.

Part of the “Time of the tides" Collection on runway

Special accessories worn by the models on the runway are of unique pieces, handcrafted in Bali by using palm leaves to construct the shape of the sea creatures, only to enhance and to complete the outfits. The accessories were hand painted by the young member of Ika Butoni, while the original sketches of the Tides were done by the designer herself. It shows that the passion for art and handicrafts run in Ika Butoni. These works can be appreciated through the following.

“Hippo campus and octopus “
“Shell and starfish”

“The living beings” of the mother ocean 

The original sketches of the Time of the Tides were done by the designer herself, which later on embroidered on the garments. Done by three manufacturers, empowering 500 people.

The Time of Tides collection from Ika Butoni reveals the work of art. It also shows the designer's passion and concern for the ocean and mother earth.

More about this collection please visit: http://www.ikabutoni.com/collections/time-of-the-tides.htm

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