Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AFRIQUE - IKA BUTONI's S/S 2013 Collection

IKA BUTONI - Afrique
IKA BUTONI - Afrique

Afrique derives from the French word, which literally means Africa, is the theme for Ika’s S/S collection.

IKA BUTONI - Afrique
IKA BUTONI - Afrique
The continent is popular with many tribes, one notably outstanding is the Tuareg, an African Muslim tribe, which often  referred to as the Blue Man of the Desert because their wardrobe is dyed indigo blue. The Tuareg men are very proud of their fighting skills while their women actively produce daily life provisions for the whole clan. They are also excellent craftsmen renowned for their cloth, jewelry, and carved wooden mask.

The combination of colorful Africa and daring Tuareg artworks have inspired many brainstorming sessions before coming into terms with the ideas of matching the distinctive styles, being playfully bright, yet comfortable and attractive among the crowds. Those are the core competences of IKA BUTONI label, which remain strong through the industry.


IKA BUTONI - Afrique
IKA BUTONI - Afrique
Active piece wear should come into natural forces in 2013, which attributed to the basic requirements in the Afrique collections.

Rising from the stretch, knitted fabrics, with the embellishment on the various patterns, adorned in macramé, shell stones, and beads jewelry,
Afrique pieces are prĂȘt a porte, wonderfully matched with multi printed leggings.

Decorative designs hold side by side among floral, animal, plain earth sands, and geometrical lines, while investing on some of the
Indonesian ikat woven clothing, as the cultural complimentary background to the nomadic African philosophy.

Afrique collections were shown as the Spring – Summer 2013 Collection. The event is organized twice yearly by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, to uphold Hong Kong as the leader of the apparel industry in Asia. Thirty of IKA collections were paraded to the 400 audience and captured the new contracts from buyers.

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